The Family Stash


Are you and your family truly   prepared?

  •        What if your home burnt to the ground?
  •        A flood washed everything away?
  •        Or burglars hauled off all your    valuables while you were out?
  •        What if you suddenly passed away?

   Does your family know, what to do, whom to call, and where everything is?

                 Although these scenarios may seem unlikely, ask those who have experienced such catastrophes and they’ll explain how they wish they had been prepared for them.


         They’ll speak of the countless hours they have spent trying to re-construct the data on personal documents that they should have stored off-site.

         They say that, “Opportunity favors the prepared mind”. The Family Stash shows you, step by step how to protect your family’s assets and information.


         This book is designed to show you step by step how to protect your family’s assets and information. It is destined to become the     industry standard in its category.


Five Star Amazon Review

5.0 out of 5 starsWhat Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You To Know, October 20, 2013

By  Articulate Reader  This review is from: The Family Stash (Kindle Edition)

No one wants to think about anything bad happening to them, but we all know the possibility exists. The larger your assets or your family, the more chances you have of experiencing a crisis at some point in your life. Just because it is not pleasant to think about, doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you. This book is a step by step guide on how to protect yourself as much as anyone possibly can from the problems of dealing with insurance companies after a natural disaster, trying to piece together information after the death of a loved one, or just preserving your everyday family heirlooms. Mr. Stamper has provided a complete, and revealing book to walk you through the process of providing a safety net in times of turmoil.

Five Star Amazon Review

“Life 101 — This Book explains it all !   January 7, 2014

By J. Bauer

Format: Paperback/Verified Purchase

“Like many Baby Boomers, I’ve wanted to get my life in order as I near retirement age.  Robert Stamper’s The Family Stash is a great road-map for doing that.  With fantastic lists and succinct advise, Stamper delivers in one well-written book what it could take a college course in Life 101 to learn.  I recommend this book to anyone who wants to put together their financial, legal, and personal information, but doesn’t know where to start.  The Family Stash will help you start, and finish, putting your life in order.”

Five Star Amazon Review

“We know we all need to do this, now with this book and available forms we have the tools to do it !   November 16,2013

By David Erich

Format: Paperback/Verified Purchase

“This guide and forms will definitely allow me to finally get all of this very important information organized into one place.  It’s one of those things we all know we need to do, but when we start thinking about what’s involved it seems overwhelming, so we do nothing.  Mr. Stamper has broken down the process and created the forms so I can take little chunks at a time and finally get this done.  Thank you.

Five Star Amazon Review

By Patricia W.A.

Mr. Stamper’s book, THE FAMILY STASH, is an excellent resource to explain what needs to be saved, written, copied, photographed and stored for all the important documents and belongings that need to be kept and readily available for many circumstances in life. Whether it be disasters, a death in the family or just to keep all of one’s information organized. This is a comprehensive “How To” on getting your important papers in order and records together. I, for one, have my personal files scattered throughout my house. This book will certainly help me take the steps necessary to organize everything in an easy and methodical way, a guide that will make this overwhelming job seem effortless. Thank you, Mr. Stamper, for laying it all out in an easy to read format for everyone who wants to be on the safe side if and when they need all of their information quickly.


Five Star Amazon Review

5.0 out of 5 stars The Family Stash September 22, 2013

By cat

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

As a psychotherapist I have seen many of my patients really struggle after the death of a loved one or after a disaster such as a house fire or a flood in their home. These kinds of events are so emotionally traumatic, the last thing they need on top of such loss is having to deal with the tedious and painstaking process of remembering where all their crucial information is or isn’t. Often if they are dealing with the death of a loved one, they have no clue where important papers are located or where to start. So when I heard about The Family Stash and saw that it didn’t cost a small fortune to buy, I was excited to look into it for myself and my family members since I have seen what happens when you don’t do this stuff. I have one son and I never want to leave him in a confused and vulnerable situation if something should happen to me. I want to make it all as easy as possible for him to know how and where to find everything he would need to settle my affairs. And if my house should blow away in a tornado or some other unforeseen event, I know I will at least be comforted to know that all relevant information pertaining to my important papers, assets and possessions will be safe. I highly recommend this book especially during these uncertain times. I think it is the most responsible and proactive thing I can do and think others would benefit from it too.


Five Star Amazon Review

By Carol W.H

This book is a helpful guide to gathering important information needed to prepare for times of crisis. It is well organized.