Companion Software

 CD Final test dec 18 cover

The Family Stash Companion Software is finally here !!!!!

This software has been developed with over 50 interactive forms.

We have taken all the topics in The Family Stash and developed interactive and expandable forms for everything.

 We have made the software so easy to use.  Just load the software, pick any of the forms, and start filling in the information.  It’s that easy.

Software forms cover:

  • Personal and Family Information     
  • Personal and Family Advisors    
  • Passwords     
  • Legal and Financial Documents     
  • Family Assets and Liabilities     
  • Total Home Inventory (room by room)     
  • Bank Statements     
  • Photographs (both of assets and family photos)     
  • Final Thoughts and Arrangements
  • Natural Disaster Preparation


Sample of page 1 of 4 for “Personal / Family Information”.

Sample of “Personal / Family Advisors”   Page 1 of 4

Sample of “Legal / Financial Documents”  Page 1 of 8

Sample of one room in Home Inventory “Family Room”  Page 1 of 5