“The Family Stash” & Companion Software

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book image pr sheetThe Family Stash

Title:   The Family Stash

Author:  Robert H. Stamper

Publisher:  Even Keel Publishing

ISBN:  978-0-9859477-1-2

Library of Congress Catalog-in-Publication #:

2 0 1 2 9 4 4 2 8 4

Publication Date:  December 30, 2013

Binding:  6″ x 9″ Paperback

Retail Price:   $ 14.95

Genre:  Non-Fiction / Self-Help / Financial / Planning / Home Inventory

Page Count:  130 Pages


A “How To” guide to protecting your family’s critical information, documents and assets in case the unexpected occurs.
Topics include: personal/family information, advisers, legal and financial documents, family financial information, photographs, personal and family inventory, final arrangements and preparing for natural disasters, just to name a few.
By following its guidelines, it is your insurance, your “burden of proof” against issues and problems when making insurance claims and/or dealing with the traumatic times and situations that naturally occur in every family.
Written in simple, straight forward terms, it will show how you can easily create a plan for recording, documenting and preserving your assets.
Testimonial: by J.Bauer
“Like many Baby Boomers, I’ve wanted to get my life in order as I near retirement age. Robert Stamper’s The Family Stash is a great road-map for doing that. With fantastic lists and succinct advice, Stamper delivers in one well-written book what it could take a college course in Life 101 to learn. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to put together their financial, legal, and personal information, but doesn’t know where to start. The Family Stash will help you start, and finish, putting your life in order.”


Software image pr sheetThe Family Stash Software
This software has been developed with over 50 interactive PDF forms for easy use.
Each form is expandable and can be saved and re-opened and updated at any time.
Each form covers a topic from the book The Family Stash.
We have made the software very simple and easy to use. Just load the software, pick any form you want to start with, and start filling in the information. It’s that easy.



My Image PR sheet
Robert H. Stamper has over 25 years as the owner of a business in the high security storage of computer data and as an information technology specialist for disaster planning.
His disaster recovery protection has saved businesses time and money when an unexpected breach of information has occurred.
He has also worked as a Marketing Director with a specialty in market segmentation and new market development.
His naturally inquisitive nature runs from appreciating nature to enjoying figuring out what makes things tick.  “I wrote this book to help other families”.